Where did the name “KarmenCopy” come from?

I expressed to my best friend back in 2017 that I wanted to start a business. I was almost done with grad school, and wanted to use my degrees in a way that didn’t require me to follow the respectability politics that would come along with working for someone else. She was all, “That sounds cool!,” before we moved on to the next thing. About a week later, I hadn’t made any moves to set up any presence online. No email, no social media, nada. Best Friend sent me a flyer for a network event happening in downtown Charleston, and asked if I wanted to go. Two days later, I was hopping into her car fully expecting to go and talk about my blog. NAH.


Best Friend: “You have 15 minutes to come up with a name, because I KNOW you don’t have one.”

Me: “Do WHAT, now?”

I ran through everything in my mind. My first and last name felt too simple. I needed something catchy and memorable that related to the brand I dreamed of building. In all of the post-undergrad jobs I’ve ever held, I’ve sent hundreds of emails a day. Sometimes when things got a little spicy I had to utilize my favorite function of all time: THE CC. If you’ve never known what those two letters stand for, it’s “Carbon Copy.” Ya’ll, what sounds like “Carbon?” KARMEN.

Thus, with sugar, stress, and a whole lot of digging through mental mess, KarmenCopy was born.



More about me.

Karmen Johnson

Owner, Resident Red Pen Vixen

Since 2014, I've worked my way through the publishing industry in roles ranging from editorial assistant to acquisitions editor, and even social media manager. My most fulfilling work in the field has come from suggesting content edits to help elevate the way the world sees my clients, so I’m all about a good read if it means that I’ve helped you put your best foot forward.

I LOVE writing, and I still get to do quite a bit of it for myself when I’m not buried in a sea of manuscript drafts! From done-for-you content to coaching you on how to get your entire life, I'm exactly who you need on your brand’s Dream Team. 


Agnes Scott College, 2014- B.A. English Literature, Creative Writing

University of Denver, 2018- M.A. Professional Writing, Creative Nonfiction

My Favorite Things

• Oyster Mushrooms
• Notebooks
• DeBarge and Mumble Rap

1 Thing Folks Don’t Know About Me

• I’m a classically-trained pianist.